The World of Donatainous

Before we begin

set up to ease character and world creation

Players should first become acquainted with the Rulers and Nations in the game.

Once you have looked those over you will want to discus the following questions with your group.
*Should there be any language barriers?
*Current Tension levels between countries. (Is there any open or closeted aggression?)
*How common is Magic.
*How common are Magic Items
*Fighting Monsters, Human villains, or both?
*Scale of game. (personal or world changing)
*Weapon system complexity.

Once the group has come to a consensus about these topics, you should move on to discussing what type of adventure you want to play. More specifically you want to know what two major current or impending issues are your characters concerned about, and what 6 or so places (taverns, cities, and/or countries) are important in your game and what makes them important. This may also be when your group makes people that are closely connected to these issues and places and what makes them important, but this is optional sometimes.

After that, we will meet and make characters and polish off the world.

Should anyone ever want to use this world to run a campaign, I would be flattered and would be interested to hear the story you pursue. please feel free to leave feedback in the comment section.



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