Admiral Ishmael Abner

Strong-willed ruler and chief naval officer of Krakas


Wrinkled with thin receding white hair. His long nose separates his sea blue eyes.


As with many Kranas, Ishmael Abner felt called to a life on the sea, and at age 6 he stowed away on a cargo vessel headed to Lucian and Ellis. The crew found him when they were out to sea. He found favor with the captain and acted as a cabin boy for the remainder of the voyage. The captain saw his potential and bought “rights to employ” from Ishmael’s father, and set Ishmael as chief of ship maintenance. He struggled for years to get the men under his command to obey him.
Over many years, he became the captain’s first mate. He had become an accomplished sailor, and when the captain was injured from an accident, he would act as captain. one day the luck of the crew ran out: they were caught up in a storm an the ship was lost.
Abner awoke after the storm to find himself washed up on a tropical Island. For the first few days, he gathered supplies, it was not until day four that he realized the water was higher than when he arrived. He thought it was just high tide, but just in case he put sticks on shore to see if the water was consistently rising. after two days of study, he confirmed that his island was sinking.
From that point on he prepared to sail away from the island. He worked without stopping day and night to ready a raft and some supplies for his voyage. After a week of solid work, he stood on the shore ready to set sail. He across the ocean to implore Krakas’s guidance on his trip. He dropped a leaf in the sea to divine his outset direction and began his voyage.
The days spent on the sea began to merge together, and two days after his supplies ran out he was picked up by a fishing vessel.
The fishing vessel belonged to men of Ellis. He had developed a phobia of dry land refused to leave their ship. After fighting with them for a few hours, they decided to leave him on board. He stole the ship.
He sailed it as best one man could back to Krakas and surrendered it to the navy. He was welcomed onto one of the chiefest ships in the fleet. It was winter so all the fleet was with the Admiral hunting Krakas. when word of Abner’s misfortune reached the Admiral’s ears, he summoned him to hear it first hand.
The Admiral had two thoughts. the first was that the island that Abner had been on was Krakas, and the second was that Krakas had chosen Abner as Admiral. Not wanting to be displaced as Admiral he positioned Abner close to himself so he could keep an eye on him.
Abner was unaware of the plans he had and thought he found favor in his eyes.
Many days later as the Admiral’s mind became more twisted, a political parley was sent from Ellis to address their concern over the number of ships taken by the Krakas military. While they were there a giant squid, that may have been Krakas, attacked. The Admiral, for whatever deranged reason, though the men of Ellis caused it to attack the fleet. He turned the table on the two of them and stabbed the third with a knife he had concealed. The Admiral’s men looked on stunned.
The Admiral then told the men to get topside so he could kill Krakas. after two hours of fighting, half the fleet had been destroyed, and the Admiral’s ship was next. The Admiral was willing to fight to the death, and when the squid began to try and sink the ship, he took an ax and chopped at its limbs. It snatched him up, and try as the men might he was lost. Abner took over control of the ship and ordered all the bait and previsions be thrown overboard to distract the squid while the fleet retreated. it worked and the remaining ships were saved.
Abner was blessed at sea by a priest to be Admiral. His first order of business was to replace the ships his predecessor had taken.

Admiral Ishmael Abner

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