King Ismont

King of plots and intrigue


he has a square set jaw, with thin pale lips. his eyes are deep set making their brown irises seam almost black. A number of deep furrows line his forehead on the way to his short salt and pepper hair.


While still a prince, King Ismont was tutored on all the subjects becoming a king: poetry, oration, etiquette, politics, heraldry, and a spattering of other topics. he was also trained in the use of a blade.
His parents thought it most important that he know the other nobles and learn to interact with them. Every weekend he was sent to a different party in a different Count’s or Duke’s castle
He was betrothed to Duchess Kalrock at twenty, but they would not be wed until he ascended to the throne.
When his father died at the hands of assassins, he ascended to the throne and sought out and killed those responsible. The care free boy he had been in his youth died with his father, and King Ismont would not fall victim of an assassination attempt.
His wife bore him one daughter, and passed away while in labor with a second daughter. neither mother nor daughter survived.
Although not a jolly or likable king, He protected the land and kept the peace. He set up a network of informants both in his own government and in other nations so he would always know what was going on.
This network proved it self when Emperor Tai Lu Wing led his armies in an attempt to conquer Lucian. King Ismont had three days warning about the invasion.
He moved the people out of the land destined to be attacked claiming delinquent taxes and other bogus charges. Knowing that there would be a high chance for riots or flat out rebellion, he did it quietly to most of the population at night, them to a few citizens during the day so the report of civil unrest would meet the ears of the Emperor. One group of insurrectionist that the king allowed to escape and regroup were actually his soldiers meant to infiltrate the Imperial army.
The “insurrectionists” were sought out by agents of Machigoku to assist in conquering the kingdom so that they could regain their land. They happily agreed.
They were not trusted by the army. They knew that they would have to wait for the exact right moment.
The right moment had already been predetermined. When the “insurrectionists” were added to the army the women and children with them were put with the supplies to keep them safe. The army thought that having the women and children away from the fighters would allow them and extra measure of control; what they did not realize is that half the children were street thieves and all the women were soldiers.
The right moment came the night before the first battle. Most of the street thieves went into the supply tents to confound the weapons and armour. One of them led some of the children off toward the woods to distract the guards so the women could start the attack. The women first killed the general over the army, then set fire to some tents to spread confusion.
When the confusion reached the men at the front line, the “insurrectionists” turned on the soldiers around them while going to meet up with the rest of their squad.
When the men in the city that was about to be attacked saw the fire, they were ordered to go out and fight, but not to harm any people from their own land.
The battle was won in short order, and the army withdrew to Machigoku.
The people near the border were returned to their home with some of the spoils of war as compensation for their trouble.

King Ismont

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