King Wayman

Righteous and peaceful King


Slightly rotund with a hearty laugh and welcoming table. His crown does its best to hid his missing hair.


He spent the majority of his childhood cooped up in the castle. His mother taught him his subjects and a deep respect for Lucian Greymark. At the bidding of his father, the king, he was taught to wield a sword and command troops. It was at this time that he also learned religion from Cardinal Timothy Miller
In his teenage years, he was encouraged to explore the world in disguise to understand his people better. As is to be expected, he only revealed his identity twice. Once was to a villain who swore upon his his life that nobility would not care to get involved. The second time was to his beloved after winning her hand and having her profess her love to him despite the fact that the prince (because she did not know it was him) would have her as his wife.
Prince Wayman did not wait to be wed, but two day after he revealed his identity to his love they were married.
The Prince also had little desire to stay in the castle and began adventuring with an odd band of companions. One stood over 16’ tall and most of it was legs. The second had the frozen breath of death. The third was Iron John: a man made of iron who many called “wild man” and “maneater.” Each of these men had been cursed by a witch to their current states. The Prince vowed to help break their curses.
Upon meeting the witch, he told her to release the men or he would visit vengeance upon her head. She laughed at him and cursed Lucian Greymark, so he put his sword through her torso and pinned her to a tree. she melted around the blade and reformed beside it. She cackled and said, “If you so like to use your sword, I will make it all you use.” she then formed his right arm into a sword and disappeared.
It was rightly said that Iron John was a maneater for the witch had made him so. She had though it a comic turn upon his boasting, “I am the indestructible who consumes my foe.” It was for this reason that they stopped in pagan graveyards while they traveled through Ellis looking for a wise man that knew how to beat a the witch. The travel took only two days due to the astounding gait of the 16’ tall man.
They found said wise man and over the course of a year, worked on breaking the curse. In short they had to get a certain ore rock from an rock slide that would put the rock over the edge of the earth, flash freeze a field of bloodshot lilies and make them into a noose, The Prince had to beat his sword arm, which still had nerves, into a plow shire and coat it with the metal from the rock. They then put the noose around the witches throat and the the Prince dragged her around while using his plow shire to break up the dirt. The witch then had to renounce all of her power to avoid a slow and painful death.
When she renounced her power, the men were freed of the curse and the demon who had owned her for the past five years left her returning her to her original form: a ravishing young maiden. Iron John liked her and took her as his wife after a lively and long courtship.
After the death of his father, he ascended to the throne.
There is a wives tale that says that doppelgangers come out of the looking glass at night and swap places with you leaving you stuck in their world. To protect yourself you should have the looking glass in a room that will not be entered during the night. Most do not really believe in these stories, but why screw with the supernatural?
Being like most people, King Ismont kept his looking glass in its chamber at night. Once while he was sleeping, he heard a ruckus coming from his looking glass room. He assumed some stupid bird had flown in the window, and forgotten how to get out. He rolled over and went back to sleep. The noise woke him up again, and would not let him sleep. He got out of bed took his sword and went to the door. The myths about the looking glass flooded into his mind. He opened the door and a shadow he recognized tackle him and began to bite and scratch him. He would have met his end had dawn not have come upon them.
The shadow was burned a little from the sun light and went back into the looking glass.
The next day while the king was resting from his wounds, he called on his companions. He told them, “The enemy we though defeated in the past has come again to us. The demon that possessed Iron John’s wife attacked me last night. look.” he pulled his arm out from under the covers. It had started to turn into a sword again.
They conversed and tried to decide what to do. Iron John would take a squadron to find the wise man since he was the most danger in his altered state. The previously 16’ tall man and the man with halitosis would see about containing the demon in the chamber.
The King had been moved to another chamber while the others slept in his chamber and waited to see how the reinforced walls and door fared against the demon. They waited for hours before being roused by the some calamity from lower in the castle. When they got to the calamity they found that the demon was trying to break through the door to the king’s new room. The two of them began to throw all manner of dressers and chest against the door.
When dawn came it stopped fighting the door, and they inspected the damage. Every surface in the room had been clawed or pounded except the mirror.
They determined that the demon had a special hatred for the king and would come to the looking glass closest to him. They put a looking glass in stone tower sealed it with he heaviest oak door they could make, and put the king’s bed near in the attached room. for three nights it scratched and pounded trying to get out, and each day they had to put in a new door because the damage to the door was so severe.
On the fourth day, It attacked the door for two hours then stopped. they sat perplexed for a few second when they heard screams. They ran down the stairs and found the demon over a young woman’s body. It charged and attacked them and some others around until dawn when it returned to its mirror.
Iron John returned looking down trodden. His companions being in their altered state did little for his disposition. He had no fortune on his adventure. The wise man that had helped them before was dead.
The king though it odd that they had gone all the way to Ellis to find a wise man when they had one that lived in Greymark. Pontiff Miller was indeed a wise man, but the king knew he disapproved of his dealings with the occult. He did not look forward to explaining his situation to the pontiff, but if he had to choose between protecting the world from a demon and an awkward conversation, his decision was clear.
The conversation with the pontiff was long, boring, filled with righteous guilt trips, and lasted until dusk. The pontiff offered this advice, “A demon should not be this weak, even one that only lived off of possession would have more power. There is also no reason that it would have an aversion to sunlight. It is most likely the doppelganger of a demon, and it attacks you boys because your bodies are tainted with evil energy. Because it is not a demon, I cannot exorcise it, and because it is not a normal doppelganger it cannot be contained.”
Iron John, who always saw religion as a gaff, scoffed quietly at the pontiff’s remarks. He asked why the doppelganger was getting stronger just as they heard it attack.
The king ordered John to get to the dungeon and lock himself up so he did not get turned and hurt anybody. John would have reluctantly obliged but the demon had found its way to them.
The pontiff blasted it with white light. it staggered, but continued to advance. The pontiff barked out orders, “Protect me while I exorcise the demon it is feeding on.”
It advanced on the king with Death Breath trying to intercept. It dropped him in one hit. instinctively Iron John pushed the king out of its path. As it sliced him her turned into iron, and pounded it as hard as it pounded him.
When it managed to escape from him, it again tried to attack the king. The 16’tall man kicked it across the room.
Iron John’s savage nature caused him to try and attack the pontiff. Death Breath froze him in place to protect the pontiff.
When the pontiff’s exorcism went off, the doppelganger began to loose it’s definition and started to retreat.
Not satisfied because it still had them cursed, the king tackled it and fought with it until dawn’s first light killed it. Each man returned to his proper state.

King Wayman

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