Pontiff/ High Priest Timothy Miller

Religious leader of all who worship Lucian Greymark


a gentle man with mouse-like features and light blond hair


He was raised as a ward of the church. A boy born to a harlot that could not afford to keep him. Due to the large number of children cared for by the church, he was taught to read and write then largely ignored. His desire to read caused him to read Lucian’s Tome twice in a month. The second time he read it, he was teaching other children how to read. He then moved on to reading commentaries, and as he read to the children he expounded on the texts.
One of the priest heard him teaching one night and right before he told him to stop, realized that he should encourage such behavior. The young priest began getting more commentaries and religious text for Timothy to read.
After some debate with his superiors, the priest asked Timothy to consider becoming a priest. He was reluctant to agree until they assured him that he could still teach his fellow children.
Over the years Timothy was taught to be a priest, and despite the priest’s best efforts he was moved away from the children with whom he had grew up. Although he had a strong inclination to be hateful over this, he calmed it.
As he saw more of the church, he began to be worried about its actions. The rules were strictly enforced with no compassion or pity. He brought up his concerns to his bishop, but being an inexperienced priest he was ignored. Wanting to do something good for the people the church had labeled “trouble,” Timothy and some other sympathetic priest pooled their meager resources to hire some trustworthy men to minister. His concern over how the church acted would not allow him to sleep, so he began to work at night with the trouble then he took the money he earned and put it into helping the unfortunate. Over time his devotion was noticed not only by the unfortunate in the area but also by his superiors. They thought his actions shameful and dismissed him from the church. At this same time, the attendance at the church had jumped due to the unfortunates coming to hear Timothy teach. After a near riot when the church overseers told them that they dismissed Timothy, The people stormed out of the church and found him so he could teach them.
The overseers then begrudgingly reinstated him as a priest since they knew they did not understand how to deal with the trouble.
Due to his perceptiveness and caring nature he was gradually promoted. He began to have more troubling questions. He wondered why the Church did not send missionaries out to Krakas or one of the other pagan nations.
His superiors were again dismayed by the people he chose to focus on, but instead of dismissing him as they had done last time they let him prove the worth of his idea first hand: they made him a missionary.
He prepared to preach in Krakas. He knew that the Krakas religion was fueled by competition, and the competition by hate. Since Lucian Greymark is the god of love, he knew he would have to show how hate destroys while love builds up.
His message had great impact with the inlanders who had little need for the god of the sea, and who’s naturally noncompetitive nature did not agree with it. It was less effective with the shoremen and the boat livers who made their entire lives from the sea. He did have a few converts, but he had to be smuggled out when a number of the naval officers planned to kill him for “degrading company moral.”
After his bout in Krakas, he went to Ellis and Oteragoku to teach them. He was less successful with them than he had be in Krakas. The people of Ellis were devout, and those in Oteragoku did not like the absolute guidelines and concrete nature of the faith.
The last stop on his missionary journey was Magic’s Foyer. He expected them to be heathen voodoo men, but found out that many were worshipers of Lucian Greymark. He stayed with them for a few months and encouraged them.
When he returned, he expounded on all the journeys on which he had been. The church rulers were skeptical about his report and went to see what had happened. He went with them, and despite their best efforts to make the church look bad, he stood strong and refuted their stupidity.
When they returned, the church leaders stepped down after seeing that they were frauds. Miller and his peers replaced them, and after the pontiff died, elected Miller.

Pontiff/ High Priest Timothy Miller

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