Character Creation

Characters are created using the long method described in the Fate Core book. in short the method is:

Write down your character’s High Concept (moral standard or job description)
Write down the Trouble that haunts your character (it must be hard to impossible to fix)
Write a beginning and end of your character’s first adventure. Write a Aspect (some truth about your character) that was revealed in the story.
Pass your story and get someone else’s.
Write how your character intervened in the story you received. Write what Aspect was revealed when your character intervened.
Pass cards again and cross in to someone else’s story. write the Aspect revealed.

At this point we break off from Fate Core character creation and incorporate Icons (NPC’s with massive amounts of power). Each character has three relationship points to spend. The PC’s spend these points to declare a connection to an Icon. The nature of the connection is either Positive, Complicated, or Negative. Exactly how you are connected to the Icon is not stated: you are not his right hand man, but if asked if the Icon knows you, the Icon does. You can use more than one relationship point on any Icon.
Each relationship point represents a d6 rolled to determine an Icon whether an Icon comes into play for a specific PC in a session.

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Pick Skills
Pick or make Stunts

That is the character creation rules. I advise you read through them in the Fate Core book so you are more ready, but if not don’t blame the DM for confusion.

IF AND ONLY IF you are not able to make a character with others, you may try this alternate method.

Make your High Concept and Trouble then assign your relationship points to three different Icons

Write your first adventure, then pick two Icons to whom you want to explore your connection. Write those stories like a cross over. Remember that when it comes down to it you are a blip on their radars. You can stand in the fray to buy him time to kick butt or throw out some obscure knowledge to help solve a problem, but keep your part small. You are a supporting actor, for now.

Character Creation

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