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The Nations at play in this game are anything but unified. Each nation and its ruler has its own agenda.

The nations are
K’kla, Forbidden Jungles
Moron, Hilled Ground
Glavous, State of Invention
Ohahot, Crossing Roads
Oteragoku, Land of Temples
Machgoku, Imperial
Magic’s Foyer
Lucian, Blue Country
Greymark, A People Redeemed (former home of Magdos)
Ellis, Green Fields
Krakas, Home of Fishers

miscellaneous land

Shared Ground

Money Used

The Gold Piece (GP) is used almost exclusively used in Krakas, Greymark, and Magic’s Foyer. It is also use in Ohahot, and Lucian.

The Silver Spike is (SS) used almost exclusively used in K’kla, Moron, and Glavous. It is also used in Ohahot.

The Imperial Stamp is used almost exclusively used is Machigoku. It also sees use in Ohahot, Oteragoku, and Magic’s Foyer.

Languages spoken

West Common is spoken by the people of Moron, Ohahot, Glavous, Magic’s Foyer, Lucian, Greymark, Ellis, and Krakas.

Nihongo is spoken in Moron, Ohahot, Oteragoku, and Machigoku.

There are five languages unique to the certain countries. These countries are K’kla, Moron, Glavous, Magic’s Foyer, and Krakas. Magic’s Foyer’s language is called Arcane. Krakas’s is Old Krakas-tongue. The remaining languages are formed by adding the suffix -tongue to the end of the country’s name. As with all rules there is an exception: Moron-tongue is also called Dumb.

The rulers of each nation and the church are integral to how the world acts. With one word, these rulers can start a war or call for peace; they can pronounce a curse or give a blessing.

Core rules of Fate can be found at their website (click “download Fate Core System now, for nothing, here”)

Additional Rules
Character Creation
Hacks and Extras

There are more things happening on this planet. The Cataclysm is near

Main Page

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