Emperor Tai Lu Wing

Son of the Sun. Master of Psyonics


About 5’8" with a light frame. His eyes are small and slanted; his eyebrows thin and slanted. he has thick black hair that is kept short save for the warrior ponytail.
He dresses in gi and split skirt preferring black and reds. when out of the palace he wears a bright red mantle.


Emperor Tai Lu Wing was born to a lower noble house in Machigoku. He gained recognition early in life when he defeated the man who had just maimed his father in Hatashiai. He was put into intense training to hone his physical and psyonic talents. Until he was old enough to take the position he had won in hatashiai, his father governed in his place.
When he turned sixteen, his father demanded he fight him in hatashiai to prove his worth for the position. This fight was so his father could leave his position with honor.
As an Oh (city’s ruler) he began to make things better. His idea of better and what would actually be better may not have been the same thing. Since he was raise under strict rule and training, he believed everyone should have such order. The people were unhappy. Due to their displeasure and his being so young, many challenged him to hatashiai. he beat them all, but began to understand his need for advisers. Knowing that any of his peers would use his weakness to unseat him, he contacted a number of diviners and soothsayers. Using their advice he began to make the lives of the people easier though still orderly. He still had to protect himself in hatashiai once a week.
Seeking a reprieve from the hatashiai and knowing he was destined for greatness, he began to challenge his way to higher command rolls until he was the providence governor at twenty one. He took many of the soothsayers and diviners along with him and picked up a few seers along the way.
Due to his birth caste, he was unable to advance any higher, but his ambition would not be stopped. Rather by chance, the Emperor and his son were poisoned and died, and the religious fanatics, who were all too willing to do it, took the blame and were executed. Since the royal bloodline was dead and the religious sect had been disgraced, only the Godansu (go Dan Sue) were eligible to ascend to the throne.
This was when had his chance to prove his worth. He knew that he was not as strong as many of the competitors so he called on all his advisers to help him study and predict his opponents actions.
Due to his preparation and seers’ visions, he was able to win the tournament and become Emperor.
Upon becoming Emperor, he rooted out others that had been involved with the assassination.

Emperor Tai Lu Wing

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