Inventor President Alfonzo Demitri

Genius Architect


about 5’4" with a plump body. His head is naturally covered in brown hair, but due to a chemical he puts in it, it looks white and many hairs have fallen out. his eyebrows remain brown.


Alfonzo Demitri grew up for the most part privileged: he had a large lab to do experiments, and his mentor and father paid to have him go to the grandest schools. School sparked the genius already in him, and he absorbed whatever he was taught. for his proof of education he presented a string that would light up when put in water. To this day, his water bulbs are used to safely light volatile (fume-ous) environments.
The way it is determined who the president will be for the next 10 years is that all the Cities of Note nominate their best inventor to enter the presidential race. Each nominee has 6 months to make and invent something new that makes life better. the Arbiters, a family who cannot become president, and who’s life is strictly regimented by law, make the ruling on which inventor wins.
Demitri’s father lobbied his influence and greymail to have his son nominated. As Dimitri’s entire life was research, he was entirely surprised to hear he was nominated. He began to work feverishly on his project. Many expected him to make a chemical invention given his past invention being chemical based.
Now let me explain a law in Glavous. The law says that an invention belongs to the one who made it, not the one who designed it. Broken down this means that there is no such thing as intellectual property. If one were to buy an invention, then make a copy, the copy would be the copiers invention. Since this meant that inventors could not protect their ideas from being stolen, they often had protected their work from being copied. Many began to install fail-safes in case someone tried to look at how the invention worked.
In light of this law and practice, it made even less sense for Dimitri to make what he did: he made a report on how gears work, how to tune them into the right speeds, and and explanation of the importance of torch and speed.
He did not win.
He began to sell his report for 1 gp on the corner. He could not make them fast enough. It became the prized textbook to every inventor who used gears. eventually he upped the price and traded a copy for a printing press.
in the following ten years, the “Tome of Gears”, as it had been named, made everyone’s life better. When the nominations were due , his father did not have to lobby: he was nominated unanimously. He prepared the “Chemical table and an Explanation of the First Ten.” The Arbiters, although it stressed them to make a new definition of “make life better,” made him the president.
President Alfonzo Dimitri is currently working on “The Next five, and the Five I Missed.”
As soon as he took office, he had a plan. he wanted to try and make the badlands fertile. He figured that if they managed this they could sell the service to Magic’s Foyer and turn a heavy profit. He assembled a team of men with tools to harvest and process the soil after he determined the chemicals needed to enhance the soil.
His crew set out and began work. For whatever reason, they did not inform Magic’s Foyer’s government that they were coming.
When the government found out they were not pleased. A delegation, including 14 year old Prime Focus Stephan Dwemer was sent to see about their presence. The Prime Focus wanted them gone. After a few arguments, his opinion was solidify. The foci cast wind spells to knock over the machines and told them to leave saying, “We need not you machines and science to solve our problems.”
Demitri’s crew went back home many cursing foci. Demitri was not cursing however, as far as he was concerned his country was assured success. In his mind, they were the only ones around that marched toward the future; his southern neighbors were stuck in the dark ages.

Inventor President Alfonzo Demitri

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