Prime Focus Stephan Dwemer

Most powerful wizard in the world


6’ with messy black hair. he wears a purple tunic with a black bejeweled vest on top and black breeches.


His father expected him to be a focus like himself, but Stephan wanted to learn to fight. Being a weak child his dream of fighting ended quickly, and he trained with his father. After years of pouring over old tomes and boring manuscripts, he was allowed to wield magic. His first attempts were anything but successful: he nearly burned down their metal house, sank a barge and tobbeled a watchtower. His father began to doubt he had the discipline to use magic.
When his father informed him of his doubts, Stephen went to the bad lands to prove his control. After three days, he was lost, starving, and ambushed. Thieves attacked him, and without thinking he began to fend them off with magic. He put them all on the ground, and when he had the last one at his mercy he spared them.
He returned home with his new found confidence and began to master magic. When he was older, he, his father, and a Number of foci from different cities went to get a blessing from the Prime Focus. They were told to wait upon their arrival because the Prime Focus was busy with other matters. Most of the foci were contented to wait, but Stephan grew restless and began to explore the palace.
Unknowingly he slipped past two guards who happened to have just gone on break and made his way into a grand room. He guessed it was a ballroom from the shining ball of light in the ceiling. His guess changed when he saw a man floating near the ball. He realized that this was the chamber built to house Origin: the beginning of all magic and from which the foci channeled energy. The man floating was the Prime Focus.
After he had been watching for a few minutes or maybe hours, the Prime Focus fell and hit the ground.
Stephan was pretty sure that he heard bones break, and the dent in the floor assured him he was right.
The Prime Focus picked his head up and looked at him, “You got the call. Not who I was hoping for, but if you got the call, you must be the right one.” He proceeded to tell Stephan what he would have to do.
Stephan did not understand all of it; most of it was magical terminologies so he had to guess at the meaning.
The orders of the Prime Focus began to unfold. The Prime Focus blasted off the ground into the Origin. A magical mantle fell back down to Stephan. He put it on and ran up the spiral stairs to the balcony that was on level with Origin. He jumped out toward it and began to hover as the Prime Focus had done. He began to channel the rampant energy Origin was throwing out. He created elements and controlled them to use up the energy. When he was done, the “ballroom” was trashed. Water two foot deep protected the floor from being burned, but nothing else had been so fortunate.
Stephan began to plummet to the floor below, but was slowed by a number of foci who came when they heard the commotion. They stared in awe at him for they understood what he did not. A thirteen year old boy had become the Prime Focus.
Through the years, he was trained to govern and delegate as is fitting for the Prime Focus to do. After a rather unprofessional outburst at President Demitri, he was advised to learn balance from a man who had had to conquer his own unhinged nature: Protector Kana Mojen.
He arrived with an adviser and focus guard.
Kana told them to leave Stephen at the temple with the monks, but they refused to listen. Stephan was quite happy to not be left unattended.
Kana shook his head and invited them in for tea. After tea he advised they get to sleep because of the early morning he had planned.
Since they had not had dinner, Stephan complained and said he wanted something to eat. His guard conjured some food and would have given it to him if Kana had not Psy blasted it out of the building.
In the night, Kana entered into Stephen’s mind and started training him.
Stephen was unsure why Kana was so opposed to him.
Kana explained that he lived in a wasteland and yet his guards made sure he lived in luxury.
Stephen protested, but had to admit that his men had coddled him.
Stephan sent his guards away the next day. They argued but were bound to honor the Prime Focus’s wishes.
The training lasted a few months. Since the training was aimed at getting Stephan to find balance, Kana had him endure hunger, sleep deprivation, thirst, and simulated pain. While enduring the trials, Kana would have him think and act logically.
Many times Stephan lost his temper, but Kana was far a superior fighter and remained unfazed.
After the training, Stephan called for his men and returned to Magic’s Foyer as a level headed Prime Focus.

Prime Focus Stephan Dwemer

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