Protector Kana Mojen

An ordinary man with wonder


An old bald man with wrinkled skin. He has small pale brown eyes and walks with a cane.


He grew up enamored with the monks. Even though his father and the monks were okay with him training with them, the strict cast system set in place by the Emperor made his training with the monks illegal. As he worked in his father’s threshing floor, he began to wonder, “Why not throw off their oppressors?”
He posited this to many friends, and over time a liberation force began to grow in the shadows. Kana Mojen inquired of the monks when the right time to stage the revolution was. He received his answer and instructed the other freedom fighters, “To all who desire freedom from oppression, at dawn on the day after the new moon gather together your forces and line them around the outposts of the Emperor. Call to them and say, ‘This land is no longer under control of the Emperor. Leave now you and your families and return to the land of your ruler.’ Should they not leave willingly, use force, but only enough to get them to leave for the violence we give shall one day be visited on our head”
What none of the rebels knew is that that revolution day was also the day the Emperor had chosen to recall half his troops to refortify the palace. The rebels had prepared to fight the full garrison, and now the half garrison had to deal with the furry and preparedness of the rebels. Most unconditionally surrendered, but there was some fighting and some even died including some of Kana’s friends.
He began to fear that his actions would never allow him to rest. He had planned on studying quietly with the monks in the temple, but everyday he would be pestered by those seeking to know the secrete to his military genius. He would always tell them he had no secrete and to leave, but they never seemed to believe him.
Eventually he became fed up with being pestered and began to challenge those who wanted to know his secret. After they accepted, he would pull them into his mind so they could see he had nothing to hide. Many would not understand that they had traveled into him mind and attack; others would attack him out of disappointment. Kana would take out his anger on those that attacked and expel them from his mind. It took years, but eventually people stopped questioning him, though many did so because they thought he was crazy.
Some time after training Prime Focus Stephen Dwemer, Kana began to reflect on his life and how soon it would end. Although he wanted to believe that his death would not affect Oteragoku, he knew otherwise. Even though many knew he was not a fighting legend, Machigoku seemed to have missed the memo. He was sure that when he died the zealous Emperor Tai Lu Wing would lead an invasion.
The only solution that Kana could see was to not die. He knew true immortality should not be obtained by mere mortals, but he knew of a man who had left an imprint of himself on an object: Prime Focus Nathaniel Grey.
Through much research and collaboration with the Prime Focus, Kana collected the parts and knowledge to make his soul impression. After two years of work there remained only one piece that needed to be collected.
As Prime Focus Grey had had to use a strong energy source to make his soul imprint, Kana would have to as well. Using Origin as his power source would not work as it would just rip him apart. He had to use a orb of power that was psyonics based: The Sun Stone.
The Sun Stone was named what it was because it let off a yellow glow that the second emperor found a splendid image of his power and right to rule. It had been kept in the emperor’s throne room until it was stolen after the emperor and his son were assassinated.
Scores of men had tried to find it, even the Emperor Wing’s “Mighty Men of the Moon,” armed with the information gleamed from interrogations of the assassins, were unable to find it.
Since it was an inherently psyonic item, he figured he could contact it if he had enough monks he could get an idea of where it was. Most of the monks he asked to help declined as they were sure contacting The Sun Stone would fry their brains.
After about a month, he managed to get ten priest to agree to help him contact it. When they contacted it, they sensed that it was in a shine of some sort that was beneath the emperor’s city.
Kana was determined to get the stone, and, even despite the other nine priest advised him not to, he went anyways. His plan was half-baked: he would mind trick his way over the border, dress like a Machigoku-jin, and disappear into the crowd in the capital. It was his good luck then when a thief that knew his plans crossed his path. This thief who had no problem identifying himself as such wanted very much for Kana’s project to work out. He explained that having the disorder of Oteragoku to work in and the oppressed needs of Machigoku to sell to made his making a profit easy. It would be a mutual benefit: Kana would attain demi-immortality, and the thief’s crew would keep the lack of law they so loved.
The thief smuggled Kana into the capital city, and used the description that the priest had gleamed from vision to pinpoint the Sun Stone’s location within the city.
It was likely in a chamber off of some smuggler’s tunnels. The smugglers would not have given him permission to use their tunnels for something that would create another enemy so the thief “accidentally” forgot to tell Kana that they should ask for permission.
When they entered the Sun Stone’s chamber they were struck by its beauty. The walls were coated in white marble. Paintings and etchings declared the history of the people. The Sun Stone was in a sealed case on a dais. The men of the shrine entered, and Kana and the thief were brought back to the present. Kana rushed to get the Sun Stone and the thief took a position between him and the priest. Kana broke the case, and picked up the orb. when he did that, it shone like the sun, and light reflected of the marble walls. The caretakers of the shrine fell on their knees, and the thief winced at the light. Kana stood staring into the orb for what must have been at least two minutes.
After he finished staring, the orb went back to its light glow. Kana told the thief that they were leaving and did not wait to leave. The thief was dismayed that his companion did not finish the mission. As he tried to escape he grabbed onto the Sun Stone to put it in his bag.
Outside the room, Kana heard a sound that he had never heard before and would never forget. He knew that it meant that the thief had died when he touched the orb.
Kana returned to his home temple and spoke to only a few about what had happened. He had for whatever reason given up his attempted to make a soul impression

Protector Kana Mojen

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