Psyonics is a class of stunts that give the character extra control over their bodies and surroundings. The entire base level of stunts cost 2 refresh points. After that you can spend addition refresh to gain [2 OR 3] Psy Points to buy new powers. You may not buy a powers upgrade at the same time you buy the power. In substitution of modifying stunts, you may move 1 Psy Point to a new power. You may stockpile Psy Points, but you must abide by the psyonic advancement rule.

Stunt off of——used for
Physique———metobolic control
Empathy———-telepathic connection ability – though contest are done on will
Will——————-Psyonics adjusting psyonics, telepathic contest


Basic metobolic [Auto]
By rolling greater than the consequence difficulty, you may begin the healing process. This may be used only on yourself, and only once per scene.

Metobolic speed control. [1 Psy Point]
By rolling Physique above good (+3) a you can enter hibernation or hyper-nature. Hibernation allows the you to use very little energy thus avoiding penalties from malnutrition or poison. You enter a motionless state that causes you to move slowly and not require food or drink for a number of days equal to the shifts by which you succeeded. You cannot attack, defend, or do any other action that requires continuous fluid action. You may end this power whenever you choose.
Hyper-nature allows you to be better at movement based endeavors. It grants a +1 to Fight and Athletics. It essentially amps you up. You may stay in hyper-nature for as many exchanges as shifts by which you succeeded. Should you want to keep this power going for more than the number of exchanged previously allowed, you take one point of physical stress per exchange. Usable once per scene.


Basic Telepathy [Auto]
You are able to communicate telepathically with a willing target. Language differences cause only a slight problem. If the target is unwilling or for other reasons not unable you can roll a contest of Will to send a single sentence. Each nation the target is away imposes a +1 difficulty to communicate

Telepathic Connection. [1 Psy Point]
A willing participant and you have a permanent connection. Either member of the connection may send simple messages to the other one. You may only be connected to one person at a time. You may end this connection at any time, and my establish a new one.


Basic Telepathy [Auto]
You move things with your mind. You can move anything that you can usually move with you body. All things are moved as a whole.


Basic Psyonic Adjust [Auto]
By rolling Will you can let another Psyonacist add your bonus for the relevant skill to his.

Mental Blast [1 Psy point]
You roll Will to strain your opponents mind. They roll will to defend from your attack. Failure will likely result in allies or bystanders getting random mental energy attacking them.

Power Disruption. [1 Psy Point]
Using this you try to break your opponents focus on a currently running power. You Roll opposing Will with the target getting a bonus for his power’s setup cost.


Combat Telepathy [1 Psy point]
You are able to throw punches with your mind. You cannot see the telekinetic fist and are at a -2 to aim them.

Battle Telepathy [1 Psy point] Prerequisite: Combat Telepathy
You are better at throwing punches with your mind, and receive no penalty to attack this way.

Others to be added. Have an Idea? Tell the GM


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