Queen Ilana
How she came to power is not known. She rules with an iron fist and has no desire for any to enter her country. She is slightly okay with some of her women going out.

Nebulous Maximous Master Moron
It is highly unlikely that any outside of Moron has ever met him or let alone seen him. He is apprehensive about foreigners in his country but they are allowed to wander as they please.

Inventor President Alfonzo Demitri
He considers himself the greatest mind of the modern time. His inventions have made the Glavous shine. He has surrounded himself with geniuses

Grand Negus Olimar Offbridge
His sole concern is making Ohahot rich. He is thrifty and brilliant. He enjoys public experiences.

Protector Kana Mojen
An old man that led the rebellion against Machihoku. He does not have a position of power, but will act as a leader to band the temples together should the need arise. He is gentle and wise.

Emperor Tai Lu Wing
Rightful ruler of all. He sees the surrounding countries as being held by caretakers until he rises and liberates them. He is the most powerful and well connected in his country.

Prime Focus Stephan Dwemer
He is the most experienced channelor of the wild energy. He is the youngest of the current rulers. His predecessor was consumed by wild energy. He is often busy with managing one of the chief cities and will need help with maintaining order in the badlands

King Ismont
Rules Bookland with absolute authority. He is crafty. He does not make deals lightly and will never break them.

King Wayman
Deeply religious and highly cautious. He often acts as the military arm of the church. He offers shelter to all those who believe in the church. He is deeply opposed to those of different beliefs and will expel them from the kingdom when he learns of their existence

Chief Steward Hogan Leadson
A gentle and wise old-ish man. He only wants to see that the people cultivate the land and live in peace. He has a small army for protecting the borders.

Admiral Ishmael Abner
Old and obsessed with killing Krakas. When he kills Krakas he shall become the next Krakas and essentially obtain godhood. He is lax on border control.

Pontiff/ High Priest Timothy Miller
He is the chiefest in the church. His goal is to see that believers continue in the faith and those who are called to be missionaries are properly equipped. As there are believers in nearly every country he will need agents to protect them from militant priest of other religions.


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