Arcane Magic

Permission: have a “good story” for how you learned

Cost: 1 refresh for a stunt which allows you to use Lore (q.v.) to do more.

Overcome: Use Lore to prepare and perform magical rituals successfully, or to answer questions about arcane phenomena.

Create an Advantage: Use Lore to alter the environment with magic or place mental and physical impediments on a target, such as Slowed Movement or A Foggy Head. Characters can
defend against this with Will.

Attack: Use Lore to directly harm someone with magic, whether through conjuring of elements or mental assault. Targets can defend against this with Athletics or Will depending on the nature of the attack, or Lore if the target also has magical training and spends a Fate point.

Defend: If you spend a fate point, you may use Lore to defend against hostile magics, physical attacks or other supernatural effects. If you choose to full defend (not do anything except defend) you may use magic to defend for free.

You may attempt even greater feats of magic, but you run the risk of loosing control of the magic. If any subsequent roll gets a negative result, the spell fails and the player suffers a penalty for every shift of energy summoned but not yet controlled as Backlash and/or Fallout. After determining the spell difficulty you state the number of times you want to roll. One you begin rolling you must roll the number of times you said. You may invoke an aspect to [change the number of rolls OR Add or subtract one roll from the total] You may also invoke an aspect to add +2 to any roll, reroll, or as insurance against spell failure: any negatives still count against the magic’s outcome.

Backlash is a way to salvage a spell. By taking Backlash the wizard suffers mental or physical stress equal to the shifts between the current controlled value and the target difficulty and adds those shifts to the controlled magic tally. the spell can them be cast as planned. Backlash may be taken as either Mental or Physical, but not both.

When a wizard can afford to let his spell fail or cannot afford to take more stress, he can let the shifts of unfocused energy affect the environment. Because the wizard chose to let the energy go away from himself, he will take no damage from fall out. the environment and those nearby are not so lucky.

Arcane Magic

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