Permanent Magical Weapons

No matter the what the magical item is it will always have at least one aspect. More powerful magical items will have in issue as well.

There are three divisions of magical items. The first division is active. these always have access to their powers. Any active magical item is considered powerful. They are measured by the shift adjustment they give to your fight skill. They usually range between +1 and +4. +2 items are considered devastating, and +4’s are apocalyptic. In the right circumstance, the magical item’s aspect can also be invoked as any other aspect

The second division is Invokable magical items. these items can only use their powers when their aspect is invoked. They are rated like the active magical items with the plus number denoting the invoke bonus

The Conditional magical items make up the third division. These items only release their magic when a certain criteria is met. The pool of criteria is vast some examples are, “If heated until it glows red, the burnstrike does +2 shifts of damage on the next attack,” “Gives a +1 shift to fight when held by a fully trained foci,” and, “After being soaked in human blood, the vamirous knives gain a +1 on all future attacks.” The last example is when a conditional magical item essentially becomes an active magical item.
Like active magical items conditionals can invoke aspects.


Some magical items have more personality than others. Those without personality treat their aspects as reflex: orc flesh = cut deeper. Those with the most personality are like actual people, and are mechanically treated like an NPC in the party.
Those items with more personality are more likely to want to exert their own will more often. In order to maintain full control you must spend a refresh point. If you choose to wield it without paying the refresh it, it will act up at the most inconvenient moments.

Additionally you can spend refresh to bond with you magical item. Bonding gives you protection against loosing your item. You get a bonuses to action that help determine the location of the magic item. Bonding also makes it harder for another character to bond with the weapon.

Permanent Magical Weapons

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