Priestly Magic

Permissions: high concept must include the god served

Cost: 1 or 2 refresh slot for a stunt off of Will (q,v). One slot is healing; the other is forceful.

god listing——————-Forceful related powers

K’kla—————————-seduction, survival
Moron————————ground and metal
Glavous———————-intellect and seeing
Ohayot————————wealth, divination and business
Lucian Greymark———-light and order
Ellis brothers three——-plants and weather
Krakas————————water and sea creatures

Forceful magic allows you to use Will for Overcome, Create an Advantage, Fight, and Defend in a way that is related to the god’s sphere of influence. Its game mechanics are the same as arcane magic. Any negative shifts are due to asking your god for more power than your character could handle.

magical healing
By rolling greater than the consequence difficulty, you may begin the healing process and count the consequence as being one lesser severity.
If you choose not to roll you may begin healing only.
You may not mend more than one wound per character per scene.

Priestly Magic

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