Recent Events

After the rock fell from the sky and landed on Shinar, King Zazzu worked on rebuilding the capitol and finding a new direction for the nation.
After much prodding, he agreed to take a wife and fell in love with Alexis. Following the guidance of his brother in law, Boramir, he repaired relations with the wizards and invited them to join the rebuilding and directing of the kingdom.
The priest of Meric gained traction on their teachings that allowed humans immortality. With their magic, they were able to nearly eliminate death in their congregation and by such boost the work force.
By bringing in Vulkan, his majesty and Boramir were able to establish a rocky peace with the dwarves. A few dwarves even came to the capitol to lend their skills to the operation.

All was well. Commerce, education, arts, politics all gained levels never before seen in Donatainous. It was termed The Golden Age.

The prosperity came at a cost. The magic used by the priest of Meric called on power from a dark plane. When they had brought enough of it into our realm, it created an open link to the plane the it came from. When it did this it caused the people who had been raised by that power to explode with dark energy. It additionally made all of the magic stones used to summon the energy to explode including the original artifact that all of the stones came from. Lastly it caused trouble on the spiritual plane as well. With this discharge of energy, Meric was ripped in half (so to speak). One half remained Meric, but the other formed Meron the Tyrant. The rest of the gods were weekend by the energy and presumably in the expenditure of their energy to mitigate the explosions.

The explosions solidifies into areas of Darkness that snuffs out life. The Darkness effects substances in different ways. Greenery shrivels and dies. Water Freezes. Fire goes out and turns to ash. The air becomes thin. Living creatures undergo two changes. First they are damaged and rotted. Second they become dark parodies of themselves. The worst part is that the darkness grows.
Moving through the Darkness is possible so long as the person has a magical item. The item’s aura will protect the holder from damage.

Two cities that should have been engulfed in darkness we protected: Zuvek and The capitol city.
Zuvek was saved due to heroism of a paladin of Ruluilu named Ruzun. He was endowed with great power and was able to cleanse the city as the explosions took place.

The capitol was not as fortunate. For reasons unknown to me half of the city was turned to darkness and the other half was saved. Due to the odd partial saving the capitol has gained the title The Divided City.

A map will be attached showing the areas now affected by the darkness.

The King as well as his family are assumed dead as they have not been seen since the explosions.

Recent Events

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