Weapons and armour

Weapons and and armour are extras with one or two Aspects. Additionally many weapons will have a damage adjustment attached to them. This number is applied only after a hit is confirmed.

small weapons like like brass knuckles knives, and small saps, or most improvised weapons. gain no damage adjustment. These weapons are used on the fist skill, usually.

medium weapons which include most anything you can use in one hand: swords, clubs, axes. these generally adjust damage by 1.

Large weapons generally take two hands to use properly. spears, large axes, two handed swords, and pole arms. this set of weapons generally adjust damage by 2

Armor adds a consequence bar to your character sheet. The strength of the consequence bar added depends on the armor you are wearing.

Armor:1 is padded clothes.
Armor:2 is padding and mail.
Armor:3 is mail and plate.
Armor:4 is full-plate.

Presumable armor can also have aspects.

Weapons and armour

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